The conversation starts simple enough with, “Are you living your life’s passions?”  With a slight pause and before you can formulate an answer the next questions arrives, “Do you know what your passions are?” Some people respond rapidly when asked these questions while most are bewildered or puzzled. That is not surprising because a Harris Poll reported that 80% of working age Americans is not happy with their jobs. Reflect on that for a moment and then replay that in your mind. A staggering amount of working age Americans, 4 of 5 to be precise, are unhappy with their jobs. You know that person, the one who calls in sick too often or the person across the aisle that spends too much time looking at the clock and daydreaming that they’re somewhere else.

Does that scenario feel or sound familiar?  If so then you have come to the right place because I want to encourage you to take the Passion Test today.  The purpose of the Passion test is to help your discover your purpose, your destination, and most importantly, to help align you with your passions. It also provides as process in which you must decide what are your top five passions, the one’s that are the most important today. The beauty of the passion test is you can take it as often as possible because as we grow as an individual, what was important yesterday, last month, or perhaps last year my have changed. The process can be difficult if you are not absolute clear about your intentions. Clarity of purpose and a commitment to you are critical to aligning your passions and wants. Your clarity of purpose will be provide and ensure that you have the necessary level of commitment and discipline needed to get the maximum from the Passion Test.

So you ask me, “How do I know this” about passion? For far too long I drifted throughout my life not knowing or even understanding what I wanted from life. Sure, I enjoyed sports, even felt passionate about my love of baseball.  Simply put, I didn’t know what I wanted to be, do, or accomplish.  At times the experience became frustrating, yet, with no end in sight. I now understand that because I was not clear in my intentions for myself I never had a chance to really find me. Another of my shortcoming was often put too much focus on the negative aspects of life. I understand to that that what you put your most attention on grows stronger day by day. The universe gives back in abundance what you give. If you send out negative energy you are sure to receive negative energy back. The foundation of Intention – Attention – No Tension is fundamental to achieving overall success, in identifying and finding your passions. For me, the process of the Passion Test has helped me understand more clearly what my intentions are and ultimately what passions I seek.

The Passion Test has helped me discover that on of my passions is to give back to others. For me, the idea of helping others discover their passions excited me. Imagine a world where 80% of working age adults lived an absolutely passionate life. Would there still be wars, hate, and a decay of society? One of my passions is to reach out and touch as many working aged adults in finding their passions. Everyone has a purpose and I now helping you discover your passion is my calling. If you will I’d like you to start your journey of joy, love, fulfillment, and passion today. Let this be the first on your journey to the top of your Mount Everest, I promise that once you have taken and completed the Passion Test that life will never be the same. You won’t want to look back. So, starting here and now, it’s time to take that  first step because it’s onward and up from here. Enjoy your journey.